The 'Four Freedoms For All' Site will be Live soon!


  • #1 Freedom of speech and expression everywhere in the world.
  • #2 Freedom of worship everywhere in the world.
  • #3 Freedom from want everywhere in the world.
  • #4 Freedom from fear anywhere in the world.

This is no vision of a distant millennium.
It is a definite basis for the world, attainable right here, right now
These freedoms are the inalienable rights of every person in the world.
It is up to each of us to make it so.


We foster a growth of understanding of the need of the 4 Freedoms as a living thing throughout the world, everywhere in the world.
We mobilise thought along the lines of freedom, liberty, equality, unity and brotherhood, everywhere in the world.
We inspire enquiry and stimulate conversations that lead to a demonstration of goodwill and right relations, everywhere in the world.

FreedomWare is endeavouring to create a worldwide community engaged in thought, discussion and goodwill.
Wearing FreedomWare is a demand for the Principles of Freedom to be established into a living reality everywhere in the world.
Our products are created to reignite this spirit of freedom.
FreedomWare challenges you to inspire, promote and strengthen this movement of freedom.
We want you to renew and revive faith within humanity and to make it so!